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Standard for National Installation Design of Steel Fire Door

Nov. 07, 2017

Steel Fire Door is relatively large on the market, so when installation, we should understand the national design standard for the installation of the Fireproof Door, to ensure what we installed is lifesaving door, rather than a deadly fire door.

1.First check the steel fire door, if it is found that due to improper storage and transportation, result to door frame and door leaf warpage, do not install it immediately, repair it first.

2.With leveling or hanging line method around the verticality correction, to achieve same horizontal vertical, level.

3.The door frame must form a whole with building, it is best to connect with the iron wall. The buried layer height reach 20mm, not less than 15mm.

4.China Steel Fire Door opening direction must be the evacuation direction, so that to ensure the fire safety escape, after installation, water cement mortar between door frame and the wall, and maintenance 24h above can normal use.

5.When installation of locks, hinges, latches of these hardware accessories of steel fire door, their melting point is not less 950 degrees.

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