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What Protection Measures Are Needed For Steel Fire Door?

Jan. 03, 2018

Steel Fire Door is a kind of fire resistant door, which fills the door with innoxious and harmless fireproof material. Steel fire door is made of steel material and equipped with other fireproof parts. 

Before installing the steel fire door, we must check whether the door is damaged or not? We should pay attention to the protection measures on both sides of the door so as not to be damaged or scratched, affect the quality of the Fireproof Door. The door should be set fire seal, and the seal must be straight, arched. High Quality Steel Fire Door is solid welding, solder spread outside appearance smooth and well proportioned. 

To ensure the performance of fire door, must have the right protective measures. When handling, it should be made up first, then carried out, when placed, pay attention to the balance and discharge neatly. When the door fan is installed, check it again, see if the protective film is damaged, the problem should be solved as soon as possible. The assembled facades must be put up, lock the door fan to avoid being bumped.

Steel Fire Door