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What Is the Installation Requirements of Wooden Fire Door?

Nov. 14, 2017

1.Wooden Fire Door should be flat door, must open flexible, and has the function of self closing.

2.For the evacuation channel of the Wooden Door should be closed immediately when the fire occurs, and to open the evacuation direction, it should not install locks and latches.

3.Two or more Metal Door with zips must be able to be closed in sequence.

4.The wooden fire door is overlapped with the door leaf, and the sealing groove should be left, and the sealing strip made of non combustible material is embedded.

5.When the conditions are available, it is advisable to assemble the door leaf and the door frame, complete all the hardware, then complete the installation.

6.After making the wooden fire door, you should brush bottom oil immediately to prevent damp deformation.

7.The hardware installation should be used screws to fix, not with nails instead.

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